Hakob Hakobyan


When I opened my eyes I saw great art work, created by my father .I grew up in art world. I saw and felt colors and mysterious art from my childhood. Now I draw...I draw what is beautiful what is ugly, I am trying to find a little l Light in a big darkness. Actually I draw everything I create my art from my feelings from my memory and dreams. Art is extremely important in my life, all my life is like art and creating... 

I was born in 1983 in Armenia Echmiadzin in an artist family .My father Kajik Hakobyan was already well- known artist in that time). At an early age I was exposed to art culture). I started to draw when I was six year old. At the age of nine I had my first private exhibition in Armenia. In 1994 I had my second exhibition in the History Museum of Kiev, Ukraine. In 1993-1997 I was awarded the Special scholarship for Gifted Children from the Ministry of Culture Of Armenia. While studying at the Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts (2001-2007) I participated in various group exhibitions and festivals, including Armenia Is my Fatherland, the Color of Jazz and the Exhibition of Young Artists of Armenia. In 2007 I held my private exhibition at the Hi-Art Hall Gallery in Yerevan Armenia. Since of 2007 member of Armenian Artists Union.

2001-2007 Was studied and received his Masters degree from Armenia Erevan State Academy of Fine Art’s. Artist, Teacher.
1991-1995 Was studied in Art school in Armenia Echmiadzin.

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