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Gg Kracun

Gg's love for creating art began in early childhood, using crayons, colored pencils and anything at hand. This eventually developed into a true passion when she discovered as a student in school the power oil paint gave her of transferring the beauty of the world around her on to canvas. After winning a collage competition in middle school, she was persuaded to take art classes, where she learned the fundamentals of drawing and oil painting. Even as Gg decided on the law as her principal course of study at the university, she invariably brightened those dull hornbooks with sketches of flowers and other colorful figures. After many years practicing law, Gg determined to take a break from her busy litigation practice and devote herself once again to her first love of painting. Under the patient and inspiring tutelage of her teacher, Gg's talent for painting began to flourish. Inspired by the landscape painting of the Barbizon School and its impressionist progeny, she began landscape painting in earnest. Reflecting on the beauty of the world around us, Gg explained, "I like to paint landscapes that make me happy and bring a smile to my face when I look at them. There is so much truth and beauty around us that it would be a pity not to capture it all in a painting." She looks forward to filling the vast canvas of life with images full of color and warmth to inspire everyone to step back and appreciate the uniqueness of the world we all share. 

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